Svend Aage Madsen

Men’s Mental Health: Undiscovered states of mind – Under treated disturbances

Men’s depression and other mental health problems are under detected and under treated in all European countries. This is due to men’s difficulty in seeking help, health services’ limited capacity to reach out to men, and men’s different presentation of symptoms to women with higher levels of substance abuse, anger, withdrawal and challenging behaviours.
More than three times as many men as women commit suicide and the difference increases to up to five times among the elderly. The higher suicide rates in men are linked to undiagnosed mental health problems.
Men can suffer from post partum depression which is scarcely recognized problem, but one that can have marked effect on families. Around 8-10 percent of all new fathers will suffer from Post-Partum Depression.

Svend Aage Madsen, Ph.D. “When it is not happiness being a mother” 1995.
Licensed Specialist in psychotherapy and in supervision, Cand. psych.
Now: Head of Department of Psychology Copenhagen University Hospital
Head of the research project Screening mothers and fathers to be for perinatal depressions.
Head of the research program ”Fathers relations to their infants and toddlers”
Head of research at the ”Center of Victims of Rape and Sexual Assaults”

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