Salla Hyvärinen

Lyömätön Tie (Eng. The Unbeatable Way) is a domestic violence intervention program, offered free of charge, for male perpetrators and those who fear they might use violence in their families or other intimate relationship. Clients contact the program themselves, or they are informed about the service by the collaboration partners such as child protection services, police and family counselling programs. The first steps in treatment are in individual counselling. Part of the program is to guide the clients’ spouses or other family members to find suitable services for them. Local women’s and children’s services are important collaboration partners. Couples counselling is provided in collaboration between the services. As clients’ individual processes advances it is possible to join peer group. The peer group lasts for 15 weeks, it assembles once a week. One group session lasts 1,5 hours. The group is led by male and female counsellor. A follow-up is arranged approximately after 6 months the client finishes the program.

Lyömätön Linja Espoossa ry also provides domestic violence intervention program for male immigrants. In that program cultural sensitivity is taken into account. Groups aiming at social integration and domestic violence prevention are held together with local partners such as City of Espoo and Espoo Lutheran Church.

Salla Hyvärinen has a master’s degree in Social Services, and has been working with Finnish NGO’s for a decade. She is currently counselling men who have used violence within their families or other intimate relationships and also provides training for those working with perpetrators.