Rikke Kann

Rough Love: Danish efforts towards primary and secondary prevention of violence in adolescents’ intimate relationship
Rikke Kann is a psychologist in the youth project Voldsom Kærlighed (Rough Love). She will present the methodology, approaches and results of the project’s work with prevention of IPV among Danish youth. Rough Love aims to support adolescents in developing intimate relationships without violence through awareness-raising activities and therapy with adolescents perpetrating IPV.
The presentation will elaborate on the use of participatory and narrative methods as means of breaking taboos and engaging youth as agents of change. More specifically, it will focus on how elements of storytelling, online peer-campaigning, youth ambassadors and school-based interventions can facilitate non-judgmental dialogue about different forms of IPV and engage perpetrators as well as bystanders in taking preventive actions.

Rikke Kann is an Authorized Psychologist in the Danish IPV prevention project Rough Love (Voldsom Kærlighed). Rikke has worked with primary and secondary prevention in a variety of educational settings and is a member of a Nordic network working with the prevention of dating violence among youth.
Rough Love is a project that supports adolescents in developing intimate relationships without violence through school based interventions, community dialogue, peer-campaigning and therapeutic conversations.
The preventive interventions have been guided by a gender-sensitive and intersectional framework aiming at raising awareness about IPV, enhancing youngsters’ problem-solving skills and addressing the role of bystanders. The interventions have mainly been directed at secondary school students and have involved over 3.000 adolescents in Denmark.
The project is part of the Danish organization Dialogue Against Domestic Violence’s national treatment program for perpetrators of violence, their partners and children.