Marta Kristín Hreiðarsdóttir

Safer society – an Icelandic approach towards domestic violence
The Icelandic Police in cooperation with Social services has developed new approach in the fight against domestic violence. The new approach argues a fundamental shift in perspective on domestic violence by government, arguing that it is not a private issue but a societal one. At the start of every case the Police have a unique opportunity to influence the progress of the case. The approach argues a communal platform between all relevant services.The Social worker is summoned to the scene. The police performs a thorough on-scene investigation and arrange for the the victim to have a medical examination. The police provides the victim with the resource of restraining order and expulsion of home. The stakeholders ensure that the victims and perpetrators alike receive appropriate and sufficient social-, psychological- and legal assistance. A detective and a social worker revisit the home to reevaluate the situation at home. Then we assess the risk to prevent repeated violations.

Marta Kristín Hreiðarsdóttir Specialist at the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police. Marta is a sociologist and has worked as a Specialist in family cases and prevention within the Metropolitan Police since 2003.