Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen

Images of the Greenlandic Prison population
With more than 200 inmates per 100.000 of the national population, Greenland is among the hardest punitive countries in Scandinavia. Most of the Greenlandic inmates are serving sentences for violence, homicide or sexual crimes.
Based on recently completed research it is the intention to present social characteristics of the Greenlandic prison population, and which kind of relationship we see between the inmates and the injured. At last it is the intention to analyze how the Greenlandic welfare society is able to handle the imprisoned part of the population.

Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen is Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences, Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland) since 2013. She holds a PhD in Arctic Language, Culture and Society from Ilisimatusarfik (2012). In her PhD-thesis “The open Institution – imprisonment in Greenland”, she analyzed the Greenlandic prison system. She has published a number of articles with focus on imprisonment in Greenland and the Greenlandic prison population.