Andrés Ragnarsson

Heimilisfriður (Domestic Peace) – Icelandic treatment for perpetrators
The lecturers have been involved in the treatment of spousal abuse since 1998. Since 2006 they programme described has been funded be the Minisery of wellfare. Until recently the treatment programme was solely for male perpetrators. We will describe how the treatment programme developed through the years both regarding the clientele and the therapeutic approach. One of our main challences has been to adabt best practic methods (ATV Norway) to our limited fundings and resources, serving the whole country. We will also describe how a combined effort by police and social authorities in intervention of domestic violence has lead to increased number of clients and influenced our methods.

Andrés Proppé Ragnarsson Cand. Psyk. From University of Aarhus 1981.
Specialist in Clinical Psykology – Iceland 2014.
Director   for Treatment Center for Borderline Chlildren (1981-1986)
Chairman for The Federation for the aid of the handicapped in Iceland (1986-1990)
Policlinic for  Adolescents and their families (1990-1995)
Private Practice (1995 -)   Clinical Psychology in general.
Special Projects like Heimilisfriður which is a Treatment for offenders and victims in domestic violence from 1997 – 2002 and again from 2002 until now.
Author of the book “Setjið súrefnisgrímuna fyrst á yður…”  (Danish version “Anbring först iltmasken på dig selv”)
Andrés has held numerous lectures and workshops in Iceland and abroad on various subjects like families to handicapped and long term ill children, families and familytherapy, self reinforcement, domestic violance and treatment of perpretators.