Next meetings:

Two of our affiliates, Milica Minić and Jón Ingvar Kjaran will be attending conferences in Örebro and Jyväskylä and will meet with those attending the same events, and organize a discussion around the Network’s establishment and the proposed Concept note. The conferences in question are:

  1. Örebro – Men and Masculinities: Politics, Policy, Praxishttps://www.oru.se/english/schools/humanities-education-and-social-sciences/conferences/men-and-masculinities/. Contact person and the meetings moderator is Milica Minić: milica@hi.is.
  2. In the Conference venue Agora, AgC231 on Thursday 15 June at 12.00-14.00.  room Jyväskylä – Interpersonal Violence Interventions – Social and Cultural Perspectives, IPVI2017https://www.jyu.fi/en/congress/ipvi. Contact person the meetings moderator is Jón Ingvar Kjaran: jik@hi.is.