The Nordic Network of Stakeholders Focusing on Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence

The Network is a forum of actors from Nordic countries working in the field of domestic violence, with a focus on perpetrators.

The Network gathers policy makers, service providers, activists, practitioners, law enforcement officials and researchers working in the field. Our aim is to create a broad, cross-sectoral forum of professionals and practitioners advocating for a coordinated response to domestic violence and intimate partner violence that is dynamic and flexible. We recognize the importance of an inter-organizational and inter-agency effort to formulate comprehensive strategies to combat DV and IPV and strive to maintain this approach.

In our work, we have witnessed the effectiveness of forums in which professionals from differ-ent sectors engage in a dialogue, and move towards innovative and coordinated responses and policy solutions to domestic violence. Recognizing that women are disproportionately affected by domestic violence (Council of Europe, The Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, Articles 2 and 3) we take a gen-der specific/feminist approach to tackling this issue, and our Network reflects the same per-spective.

The Network has three main thematic pillars, with the overall mission to reduce occurrence of DV and IPV through improved legal, social, medical and community responses to gendered violence, at its core:

  • Treatment Options for Perpetrators – Alternatives to Violence Practice
  • Research on Perpetrators in Intimate Partner Violence
  • Social frameworks and support systems for perpetrators


  1. Promoting and shaping a Nordic research agenda, giving impetus to knowledge production and dissemination related to DV and IPV and providing peer review for the Network’s members.
  2. Establishing and promoting best practices, setting norms and standards, and monitoring their implementation in the Nordic region.
  3. Promoting and advocating for an approach which regards human rights of victims as a primary concern, while committing to cooperation with specialized victim services.
  4. Providing expert support in monitoring of the implementation of national commit-ments related to DV and IPV.
  5. Engaging in partnerships and issue-based advocacy in the Nordic region, on matters critical for an effective response to DV and IPV.
  6. Articulating evidence-based prevention, treatment, response and policy options.
  7. Catalyzing change and providing technical support when possible.
  8. Mobilizing resources for joint projects and regional cooperation when possible.

Confronting Domestic Violence. Focus on Perpetrators – Conference in Helsinki 30 November till 2 December 2016

The conference sets focus on the contexts of perpetrators in the Nordic countries, seeking to find ways to break the cycles of violence. The purpose of the conference is to generate knowledge within the field and explore different ways to address domestic and intimate partner violence. The conference will offer a platform for sharing lessons, discussing the implementation of the Istanbul convention and create a dialogue between different actors in the field within the Nordic countries, in addition to forming a Nordic network for professionals focusing on perpetrators.

The target group of the conference is different actors working with issues regarding perpetrators of domestic and intimate partner violence, policymakers and practitioners such as NGOs, researchers, institutes and organizatio1. Promoting and shaping a Nordic research agenda, giving impetus to knowled-ge production and dissemination related to DV and IPV and providing peer revi-ew for the Network’s members.
shaping a Nordic research agenda, giving impetus to knowledge dissemination related to DV and IPV and providing peer review for the Network’s members.

The first step to establishing a network of partners working on the issues of perpetrators of domestic violence within the Nordic countries is to organize a conference in one of the Nordic countries which brings together all major players within this field in the Nordic countries. The goal is to share lessons and learn about solutions and approaches applied within and between countries. While the overarching theme remains perpetrators of domestic violence, specific attention will be paid to three spheres:

  • Treatment options for perpetrators
    • Options and approaches to treatment for perpetrators differ between countries. The intent is to identify the successes and opportunities of current treatment options, as well as the interactions between different approaches to therapy and modes of correction
  • Research on perpetrators
    • This includes new and ongoing research which pertain to perpetrators, their perceptions and interactions with actors within the public and private systems in the Nordic countries
  • Social frameworks and support systems for perpetrators
    • The focus is shifted towards the social frameworks and support systems for perpetrators. Which projects are ongoing in the Nordic countries, how and where do screenings take place, how do public and private institutions (judicial system, law enforcement, health institutes and social care systems) intervene, interact and work towards a holistic approach?